Groundnut Oil Cake

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Groundnut oil cake is also known as peanut oil cake, seengh pend, phalli pend, moongphalli khalli, and phalli khal, among several other names. The production method is natural and organic, which is the greatest aspect of groundnut oil cake. Groundnut Oil Cake is valuable for feeding directly or indirectly to cattle, fish, piglets, and poultry.

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Product Description


Organic Castor Oil Cake

Our Premium Castor Oil Cake was obtained as a solid residue from the castor oil extraction process. Our Castor Cakes are widely used organic fertilizers and it enhances the fertility of the soil considerably without causing any adverse effect on soil properties.

It also acts a natural nitrogen fertilizer .It is a simple manure, which acts progressively that encourages soil microbial activity.

It  has insecticidal properties and naturally pest repellent. It is can be used in organic farming &  fits for any type of soil, with its high content of organic matter.

Castor Cake is also the fertilizer for turf and lawns. This fertilizer promotes root development and winter cold hardiness.

Product Industrial Applications

Castor fertilizer
Agricultural Usage
  • Castor oil cake is a well-known organic fertilizer that can be used as an alternative to chemical fertilizers due to its high level of nitrogen, phosphoric acid, and potassium as well as its ability to retain moisture.
  • They provide nutrients, but they also have a variety of other advantages in agriculture that no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers can match.
  • It is appropriate for organic farming. Due to its high organic matter content, castor oil cake is suitable for all types of soil.

Product Specifications

Key Compositions

Castor oil cake is enriched with the three big elements vital and conducive to the proper growth of crops – Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. It also has traces of nutrients like Manganese, Zinc, and Copper, thus making it a balanced fertilizer.

Nutrient Content of Castor Oil Cake
Organic matter~ 80%
Nitrogen~ 4.50 to 6.00%
Phosphorous~ 1.50%
Potassium~ 1.50%
Moisture~ 9-12 %
Oil Content3.5% – 8%
Sand Silica2.5%

Castor Oil Cake Benefits

  • Supplies all the major and minor nutrients required for improved plant growth.
  • Increases the fertility and viability of the soil.
  • Protects plants against pests and nematodes.
  • Increase nitrogen supply for roots.
  • Boosts agriculture yield and quality.
  • Naturally pest-repellent and possesses insecticidal qualities.







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