Groundnut Oil Cake

Groundnut oil cake is also known as peanut oil cake, seengh pend, phalli pend, moongphalli khalli, and phalli khal, among several other names. The production method is natural and organic, which is the greatest aspect of groundnut oil cake. Groundnut Oil Cake is valuable for feeding directly or indirectly to cattle, fish, piglets, and poultry.

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Organic Groundnut Oil Cake


The groundnut oil cake is rich in nitrogen, protein as well as other important minerals and proteins that are necessary for the plants. The groundout oil cake that we offer to our customers and clients is a great fertiliser as it promotes the healthy growth of plants and provides lush, velvety leaves and high yield. Groundnut Cake is generally a safe feed for all classes of livestock.

A byproduct of oil production is groundnut cake. One of the leading groundnut growers, Andhra Pradesh contributes around 15% of the overall production, and more than 80% of the crop is used for oil extraction. The cake, which has a good source of protein, is traditionally used as manure or cow feed. 


Product Industrial Applications

Cattle Feed Manure for plants Groundnut cake in food

Cattle Feed


Food Industry

Groundnut cake is one of the best protein supplements for livestock feeding and is extensively used for increasing the milk production capacities of the cattle. Regular applications of the right amount of organic manure can improve soil health and make up for the yearly loss of essential nutrients caused by plant uptake. Groundnut flour produced from cake blends easily & enhances or enriches the nutritive value of wheat and other flour. It is used to make ladoo, chutney , noodles, seviyan, fryums.


Product Specifications

Key Compositions

Groundnut cake is a by-product obtained after the extraction of oil. This product has a high content in residual oil and results from mechanical pressure only. It has 1.5% of phosphorus and 1.3% of potash, which helps plants blossom and produce more. 

Nutrient Content of Groundnut Oil Cake
Nitrogen 7.3%
Phosphorous 1.5%
Potash 1.3%
Protein 45–60%
Carbohydrate 22–30%
Crude fiber 3.8–7.5%
Minerals 4–6%


Groundnut Oil Cake Benefits


  • It has several health benefits and serves as the perfect balanced diet for the cattle.
  • It has an optimal blend of protein carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals in this pellet-formed compound helps in increasing the milk production capacities of the cattle.
  • It maintains the C:N ratio in the soil, 
  • It has the highest rate of nitrification, Increases the soil’s capacity to store water, 
  • Enhances the soil’s structure and texture.
  • Nitrogen-rich groundnut oil cake promotes better development of trees and plants in gardens. 
  • Cake has to be soaked in water and the soaked water needs to be applied to plants.
  • Groundnut Cake is used as a protein supplement in cattle feeding.


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